Evolvement provide the latest green roof technology. We have international experience with and the systems to provide you light weight green roofs. Our roofs can reduce peak stormwater flow, biodiversity habitat, insulation and beauty. Our expertise is in the whole system from water proofing, leak detection, drainage, stormwater detention, growing media, irrigation, plant selection, and maintenance.  We have been involved in projects across Australia, The Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore and the USA. 


We advise architectural firms on technical matters regarding green infrastructure. Preparation of details, concept plans, specifications and performance requirements enable our clients to meet deadlines with systems that work. Evolvement has recently provided comprehensive training for the Singapore Government Department CUGE on green roof and vertical garden installation. Evolvement have been engaged by Knauf Insulation to conduct extensive Australian tests for their Green Roll products designed for landscape and Green roof installations. Recent projects include superintendency services for Sydney's new South West Rail project.

When the projects need to be installed and maintained our professional team at Green Look (www.greenlook.com.au) are on tap. 


Robert Griffith (Director) provides structured training and informal presentations at conferences to inspire green awareness. He has been a part time teacher at TAFE for the past 5 years teaching Green Infrastructure, ecological restoration project management. Recent training events include Singapore Government CUGE on Green Roofs and vertical gardens, Dubai Green City Conference and Malaysia. 2018 Lectures have been provided to Clouston Landscape Architects, Aecom, Urbis, and many other architectural firms. Bates Smart recently engaged Robert for hands on practical CPD training.


Evolvement provide urban agriculture for restaurants and businesses that include sustainability in their social responsibility. We are the NSW partner and installer of Biofilta technology for urban agriculture. Experts in horticulture, business management ensures we can both install and manage your crops to ensure maximum productivity and benefits to all stakeholders. Sydney Biennale on Cockatoo Island has just had a new sustainable restaurant grounds designed installed by Evolvement with extensive vefetable gardens and bush tucker for use in the kitchens. 


Rooftop gardens maximise the value of city properties. Rooftop gardens can provide community entertainment, children's playgrounds, fruit and vegetable gardens and private places for residents.


Evolvement Pty Ltd supply and installed indoor and outdoor vertical gardens for restaurants, households, and office buildings and shops. We use a variety of technologies best suited to your application. Our range includes fabric, polypropelene, and metal systems. They include irrigation, fertigation with a variety of appropriate species. Our installations vary from thin 60mm planted panels suitable for indoor spaces to 200mm thick systems incorporating soil based growing media.  


Green Look,  our installation firm is the NSW distributer of Royal Grass, a premium synthetic grass from the Netherlands. We have installed many playspaces, home sites. In our burgeoning cities there are many places where synthetic grass is a great solution. Royal Grass was chosen as it has no toxins, looks and lasts longer.  Commercial spaces include hotel pool surrounds and many indoor offices have had our grass supplied and installed. www.greenlook.com.au

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E: rgriffi8@gmail.com, Director Robert Griffith

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